11 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Terms

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the smallest yet the most reliable wiring solution today. All the important electric components needed for the functionality of any machine today can be collected in a single 3-inch printed circuit board. The small size of this kind of integrated circuitry has the benefit of speed and electrical efficiency.

The term “printed circuit board” may refer to either the board alone or the board together with the components mounted on it. It is correctly called “printed wiring board,” when referring to the board alone. If it refers to the entire unit, including the board and components, “printed circuit assembly” is the appropriate term.

PCBThe printed circuit board industry uses many terms to refer to the various aspects of PCB manufacturing. Some of them are listed and explained below.

1.Board. It is the flat material on which holes are drilled :

copper foils are etched, and components are mounted. It is also known as laminate. Boards or laminates may be composed of four layering materials. The innermost material which constitutes most of the laminate is called substrate. On top of substrates is a copper sheet covered by solder mask. On top of solder mask are silkscreen labels.

2.Components :

In a printed circuit assembly, these are the things mounted on one or both surfaces of printed circuit boards. Components include transistors, resistors, diodes, conductors, etc.

3.Substrate :

This is the innermost part of printed circuit boards. It could be made of glass fiber, plastic, epoxy, or cotton paper. It constitutes the largest part of the circuit board. Durability lies in the type of material used for making the substrate. Woven glass fiber is the most rigid, followed by plastic and cotton paper.

4.Copper :

This metal is important for the electric connections of various components mounted on a printed circuit board. It is etched on the surface of the bare substrate and acts as a wire.

Initially, a thin sheet of copper, known as copper foil is layered on top of the substrate. Parts of this copper foil must be removed to leave only lines and few planes of copper foil.

5.Solder mask :

It is a protective layer of covering that insulates the copper. Accidental contact of live copper traces may cause short circuits and other circuit problems, hence a cover is needed. The solder mask is usually green but other colors are also available.

6.Silkscreen label :

This refers to the symbols painted on top of solder mask, serving as a guide. It helps assemblers locate where components are to be soldered.

7.Panelization :

It is one of the stages of making a large-scale manufacturing printed circuit board. Printed circuit boards are created in one large piece of board called panel. Once the panel is copper-printed and drilled, it is ready to be “de-paneled” or divided into smaller individual PCBs. Sometimes, the mounting of the components is done before de-paneling.

8.Chemical etching :

It is one of the methods of removing the unwanted copper foil. It includes exposing the unwanted copper while protecting the necessary copper against a chemical, usually ferric chloride. The chemical could etch away the unwanted copper, leaving the necessary copper to form traces.

9.Copper traces :

These are copper lines left after unwanted copper is removed from the substrate. These are the wires or electric pathways that connect the components.

10.Through-hole mounting :

It is the process of mounting the components by inserting the leads of the components in the plated-through holes of the board. The leads then can be soldered on the other side of the board.

11.Surface mounting :

This is a way of mounting the components directly on the surface of the board without inserting leads on the holes. Metal tabs or end caps of components are directly soldered on the same side of the board.

Now that you’re aware of what those terms mean, you should be a bit more ready to tinker with your very own projects – particularly those that involve the need to handle PCBs.

Color-Coded Badge Holders: Privileges For Recipients


Different communities have imposed rules and regulations to be able to control the activity of their people. Because of the high demand of certain facilities and their limited availability, leaders are left with no option but to also regulate their use. Pursuant to these purposes, they have issued badge holders to entitle people to certain privileges. These are commonly known as color-coded badge holders.


The persons to whom these items are given are those with serious walking disabilities, or those bearing people with these conditions. According to studies, discrimination is still prevalent in some countries, and because of this, those with these conditions do not have any option to enjoy the same privileges that other people enjoy. One of the most prominent features of these items is the entitlement of these people to certain parking privileges.

Most cities have very high parking demand and very limited space, or at least not enough to cater to the needs of all drivers. And even though the principle that those who came first have stronger rights apply, many people take advantage of the lack of capabilities of disabled individuals in terms of mobility. As such, communities have enforced certain measures to prevent this from happening.


There are three commonly known colors of badges used for these purposes:

1. Blue badge holders

These are items used to allow people not only to park in certain areas, but also to go to different shops and other places more efficiently and more conveniently. They offer the widest privileges for bearers, but they also have the greatest number of limitations for users. For instance, these items cannot be used by people without serious walking disabilities for their own advantage. They cannot also be used by those driving vehicles which do not carry people with serious walking disabilities.

2. Green badge holders

Badge HoldersThese items are usually used in conjunction with blue holders. The benefits provided by these items are the same as those of the previous one, but these privileges can only be utilized on certain days at certain times. This scheme is important to be able to provide distinction as to what privileges a holder can enjoy while carrying a particular type of badge holder.

Holding both items gives a person the opportunity to use different facilities for different vehicles because the system only allows one holder per vehicle. These items also allow the lanyard bearer to share with other holders some of its privileges, such as the use of loading and metered bays.

3. Brown badge holders

These items allow holders to use not only privately owned parking areas, but also the government owned parking areas specially dedicated for people with serious walking disabilities. These items offer the same privileges as the previous items, but offer only a limited number of abatements from charges. For instance, a holder can still use parking facilities, but he still needs to pay fees afterwards.


One might think that the colors segregate holders from one another, such that those owning blue ones are better off than those holding green and brown ones. The truth, however, is that these colors are intended to prevent holders from abusing these privileges and to promote justice and equality. For instance, if there will be no distinction as to the colors, every holder will have the same privileges, and some may use it at another’s disadvantage. If someone wants to park his car, he can avail of the brown one instead of the blue one; otherwise, those who are non-holders may feel the pressure of unjust enrichment.

So, it’s safe to say that these holders serve their purpose quite well.

Choosing To Rent A Portable Storage Container Instead Of Buying One

The concept of renting is expanding to more and more facets of life. You can easily rent a home or a car these days, some people rent movies, others do books, and there are those who rent storage containers. Considering how the economy is falling bit by bit, not having to pay full price, especially for something that will only be utilized for a limited amount of time, provides the utmost convenience to those with limited budgets.

When it comes to real estate projects, these are rapidly increasing with more and more developments being completed in a short amount of time. A popular type of development these days is the vertical one especially because of the decreasing land area that people can work with. The problem with this kind of development is that it provides people with access to even smaller spaces which lead to issues when it comes to storage.

Although a vertical development project is cheaper to invest in, the problem with storage continues to linger and this is why the portable storage container is becoming more and more popular. Basically, this is an external storage solution where a person rents out a unit that is kept in a nearby storage facility. The renter can now access his unit at any time because most of these facilities are open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Visit moveablecontainer.com to know more about portable storage container.

Not only is this an excellent mode of storage but it is also a movable one. This means that a container can be shipped to and from different locations as the renter pleases but this comes with a certain fee of course but with the help of storage facilities and their additional services, customers simply have to provide an address and the company takes care of all necessary logistics.

Storage ContainerBack in the day, the portable storage container had one purpose and that is to bring different products to and from varying locations. The primary method of delivery back then was by rail. These days, the delivery element is still its primary component but more shipping methods are available including land via trucks, air via freight, and sea via cargo ships. Apart from transporting goods, these containers can now service personal storage needs, again with the help of external storage facilities that provide an area for safe storage and round-the-clock security measures.

Different kinds of containers in this sense can be rented today. The appeal that comes with renting is the controlled cost that works for those armed with limited budgets. The same applies to those who only need the storage space for a short or temporary duration. When it comes to the storage facilities that offer rentable options for the portable storage container, different dimensions can be chosen from. Basically, the larger the unit is, the higher the rent will be, plain and simple. These can either be packed by the renter or packed by the staff members of the facility depending on what the customer prefers. The items can be brought to the facility or the customer can have them picked up from his residence or office.

Depending on the items to be stored, the renter can choose a specialized container, one with temperature controls if needed. There are controls for humidity and general temperature settings that will ensure the client of his belongings’ safe and reliable upkeep. Again, the type of container rented, the special features that these come with, and the dimensions dictate how much the rent for the portable storage container will be. In this case, it can be arranged to be computed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Benefits of Hiring An SEO Company

SEO is an online marketing strategy that has been gaining popularity over the past five years. Having a website is simply not enough nowadays. You have to drive traffic to your website and one way to do this is to make your website more visible in the search engines through proper optimization.

Here are some of the reasons why hiring an SEO company, like us, is beneficial to your business:

1.You’ll get more traffic into your website.

Hiring a good search optimization company will help drive more traffic to your website. Keep in mind that visitors are essentially potential clients. Hiring optimization professionals could improve your lead generation and could increase the number of your new clients. As a result, your revenue will increase.

2.It will save you time and effort.

Hiring a professional and reputable SEO company will save you time and effort. You do not have to waste your time and energy making your website visible online. Hiring an optimization company will help you focus on the things that you do best.

3.Its staff is highly experienced.

When you avail services from a reputable search optimization company, you can be sure that you are dealing with people who have extensive experience. These people will devote a lot of their time and energy in creating an effective optimization plan.

4.They’re up to date when it comes to the hottest developments.

SEOVarious search engines are updating their algorithms for ranking websites. Some of these algorithm updates are shared to the public. However, many of these updates are not shared with the website owners. This is one of the top reasons why you should hire an SEO company. Most companies conduct extensive research and experiments to find effective ways to bring your website on page 1 in just a few weeks.

5.It offers more than just search engine optimization.

Most SEO companies offer more than just the basics. In fact, these companies offer other related services like Web Design and Social Media Marketing. You do not have to hire a separate social media marketing specialist and you do not have to hire someone to address your web design needs. Credible search optimization companies have the best social media marketing consultants and web designers.

6.It can help you save money.

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to market your services online. You will need to invest a reasonable amount of money in hiring a reputable search engine optimization company but the result is amazing! You do not have to spend money in print or radio. Studies show that an average person spends around one and half hour surfing the internet per day. So, if you want to reach as many people as possible, you have to invest money in online marketing strategies.

7.It’s more than about making your website visible.

A reputable SEO company will not only make sure that your website is visible in the search results of various search engines. A reputable company will ensure that your website is visible to people who are interested in your products and services. In fact, the very best optimization firms do comprehensive keyword research to ensure that the keywords being focused on are actually being used by netizens.

8.There’s a well-trained customer service staff.

Most SEO companies have well-trained customer service staff who are willing to go the extra mile just to deliver great customer service. These customer service representatives and account managers understand your company’s needs. They are also willing to make recommendations that may be valuable to you and your company. These customer service representatives will take time to listen to you and your needs. They will also take time to explain various marketing strategies that could increase the number of new clients and inquiries.

9.We take time to understand your market and your clients.

Good SEO companies take time to get to know and understand the kind of people who are naturally drawn to the products and services that your company offers. These companies make sure that you are attracting people who are actually interested in your business, or in what your company has to offer.

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They are friendly, hardworking, patient, competent, and resourceful. They will ensure that your queries are answered within a reasonable amount of time. We also have a team of competent and reputable social media marketers and web designers that will ensure that you are getting great value for your money.

We understand that each of our clients is different and we will ensure that your strategic plan is specifically made to address your needs. Your online success is our top priority and it is our goal to make your business more prominent and visible online.

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping a House for Oyster Bay Real Estate

Being successful in real estate is not all about selling a house for a profit. Before you sell a real estate property, you need to make sure that they not only aesthetically impressive, but they also need to be in very good condition. House flipping has been a very common practice in the real estate scene since the 2000s. However, too many people working in the real estate industry overlook the basics of house flipping and end up failing in the process. If you are looking to venture in Oyster Bay real estate, you need to know what to expect and what to avoid.

This article will look at some of the things that you need to avoid when flipping a house for profit. This way, you’d be able to avoid the mistakes that most real estate investors commit.

1.Not Enough Money

Investing in real estate requires a working capital and can be a very expensive preposition. One of the first expenses that you need to deal with is the property acquisition cost. While there are other options you can choose from, such as low or no money down financing claims, finding a deal from a legitimate vendor can be challenging. Also, acquiring the property acquisition through financing, you will need to deal with high interest rates. It means that your profit can be affected.

You can eliminate high interest rates by paying in cash, but even then, you still need to deal with property holding costs. These include taxes and other utilities. You will also need to factor in renovation costs. If you plan to flip the property and sell it for a profit, you will need to make sure that the sale price needs to exceed the combined cost of property acquisition and renovations.

2.Not Enough Time

Flipping houses can be a very time consuming venture. Acquiring the right property can take months. Once you have acquired the property, you will need to invest time to have it fixed. Before you can sell the property, you will need to schedule inspections to make sure that you meet all necessary building codes. If it doesn’t comply with all the applicable building codes, you may need to spend more time to have the property fixed. Next, you will need to dedicate more of your time selling the property. Showing a property to prospective buyers will required a lot of travel time to and from the property.

3.Not Enough Skills

Professional builders and skilled professionals often venture in house flipping as a sideline to their regular job. Carpenters, plumbers and other skilled professionals, have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to find a property and have it flipped for profit.

The real money in flipping houses usually comes from sweat equity, meaning if you have the skills to renovate the house yourself then you will have more profit. On the other hand, paying a professional to do the job for you can highly reduce your profit.

4.Not Enough Knowledge

In order to be successful in the industry, you need to have sufficient knowledge. You need to pick the right property, in the right location, without going beyond your set budget. For instance, you can’t expect to purchase a $60,000 home in a neighborhood of $100,000 homes and sell the property for twice as much. Even if you acquired a very good property deal, you will still to make sure that necessary renovations are done. You also need to understand all the necessary tax laws that you need to comply. You also need to know when to cut your losses and get out before your project drains you financially. This is one of the common mistakes committed by Oyster Bay real estate investors.

5.Not Enough Patience

As a real estate investor, you need to have enough patience as finding the right property can take a lot of time. Those who are new in the industry usually hire professionals to do the flipping. Professionals do it themselves or hire a reliable network of professionals.

Real EstateReal estate amateurs usually hire a realtor to help them sell a property. Most real estate professionals rely on “for sale by owner” basis as properties cost cheaper that way. This is to ensure that they maximize their profit as much as possible. It is a common mistake of novices to rush property acquisition and renovation. The end results are usually less than satisfactory. Professionals, on the other hand, understand that earning a profit in real estate and profits are usually slim.


Before you start flipping properties, you need to do some research of your own. Like any other business, house flipping requires time, effort, patience and of course, money. In order for you to maximize your profits, you need to have the right set of skills, knowledge and patience. If you are just starting in this business venture, you cannot expect that your first transaction will be smooth. Real estate is actually more difficult that you imagined.

If you need help with any of your Oyster Bay real estate venture, you might as well get in touch with us and for more reference visit li realestatefinder. We are a network of real estate professionals. We can give you a lending hand in order for you to be successful in the industry.

Why You Need Lanyards

There’s no denying that lanyards are among the most widely-used accessories. Besides using such accessories for their typical functions, some people now use lanyards as a fashion statement and as proof of affiliation.

Read on to discover why more and more people are using lanyards:

1. Multiple uses

Most lanyards are used as ID holders but they can be very flexible when it comes to their specific uses. They can be used as marketing materials during events, as souvenirs from concerts, and even as giveaways in birthdays. ID lanyards are the most efficient souvenir item because bulk orders tend to be very cost effective.

2. Convenience

The main purpose of lanyards is to protect IDs, cards, any other forms of personal identification. They are mostly used in schools, organizations, and offices. In most cases, buildings and establishments have tightened security, requiring employees and visitors to show their ID cards before being allowed entry. Badges come very handy in these situations as people would simply need to reach for their IDs hanging on their necks. Moreover, ID lanyards also serve as holders of extra money, small sheets of paper, and other small stuff that can be placed along with the ID card.

3. Security

Another importance of a lanyard and badge holder is the security they provide. IDs contain personal information that needs to be protected. ID lanyards allow owners to keep tabs on their IDs. Others also choose to place their ATM cards in badge holders, for security purposes. This is also ideal for people who tend to be forgetful about their valuables. By hanging things around their necks, risks of loss will be minimized.

4. Extra features. Some ID lanyards can be used to hold other small items like flashlights, whistles, keys, USBs, and other similar items. This can also be associated with the security feature, as a lanyard chiefly acts as a holder of items that are valuable.

5. Can be personalized

Another feature unique to ID lanyards is the sheer customizability of their fabric, whether in terms of material, print, and length. If you want your company or school logo to be imprinted on the fabric, know that lanyards can be easily tailor-made. There are many options to choose from when it comes to customizing lanyards. The print can come in silk screen form, and even digital printing could be used for more intricate designs.

6. The hardware piece can be chosen to fit the lanyard’s purpose

ID LanyardsLanyards can be used as school ID holders, event souvenirs, and company ID holders. Either way, lanyards can be custom-made – even the hardware piece and the badge holder design. The end piece could be made of metal or crafted from plastic. Some new design even include retractable pieces whose lengths can be adjusted. This is ideal for children at pre-schools.

7. Selling lanyards can also be a good startup business

Since most lanyard companies only accept bulk orders, you can get the most remarkable accessories at a cheap price. You could in turn sell the unique lanyards you bought. This can be good if you have connections with those running entire organizations, schools, or companies.

8. They are handy and can be a very good alternative souvenir

Besides the usual giveaways, lanyards can be the best option because they’re cheap to produce and can perfectly fit any occasion. It’s also wise to give something to your visitors that they could use in the future.

9. There are a lot of fabric and printing procedures to choose from

Whether you want them dye sublimated or silk screen printed, a lot of lanyard fabric types could fit your preferred design and budget.
Given the sheer versatility and affordability of lanyards, there’s always a reason why you need them.

Fashion in the Green: Wearing Golf apparel and Looking Your Best

Golf apparelGolf has a reputation of being a rich man’s game. It is a favorite sport among businessmen and bosses – and often, business deals can be made or broken during a friendly game of golf. Thus, there may be a need to look stylishly presentable but without sacrificing optimum comfort, support and performance of a sports outfit. Style is also an important factor especially when playing in exclusive and expensive golf clubs, driving ranges or municipal courses, which may or may not have certain dress codes. Here are your options to looking stylish and fashionable on golf games, but still maintaining the professional and practical qualities for your golf apparel.

Golf Tops

Polo shirts for both men and women are the common golf apparel. These offer the basic requirements of breath ability, comfort, moisture-wicking and flexibility while still being very stylish. Polo shirts can come in array of designs and colors nowadays, although a strong preference for classic neutral colors are still evident. With different designer brands entering the picture, you can be assured that you can choose the best shirts style-wise and functionality-wise. Other options aside from polo shirts are jackets and cardigans as outerwear, golf jumpers, and even sports dresses for women.

Bottom wear

Full-length pants are the standard bottomwear for golf. It can be khaki, cargo, semi-formal slacks-type and many more. Neutral and blocked colors or even new designs such as plaids, prints and others are also available. Shorts and even knee-cut pants are also now being seen but these more casual types should be confirmed first with the specifications of the golf range. Women can opt to wear skirts as well.

Golf footwear

The choice for golf footwear is not limited to the usual sneakers or loafers. Golfing boots and sandals have also been introduced to the market. One’s choice of footwear can also accentuate style preferences. Generally, good golf footwear are made of water-resistant material, preferably with soft soles and breathable insides to provide comfort during the long ranges of walking outdoors. Other features that are both ideal for fashion and function are studded shoes or shoe spikes. Plastic spikes are much preferred than metal ones as the former minimize risks of slipping but at the same time do not damage the golf range.

The usual and go-to styles are closed shoes such as dress shoes, wingtips or golf cleats. These come in wide variety of colors and designs you can choose from to suit your style preferences. Other types to choose from are golf boots that are preferable for games in cold weather conditions, or during rains to prevent wading through mud. Much like the usual boots, there are ankle-high golf boots, leg boots, and knee-high boots. Golf sandals are extremely comfortable but its usage is limited since it is very casual. Some prefer this for more casual games such as municipal courses and even indoor ranges wherein one does not really contend with various terrains.

Golf accessories

Aside from the usual golf getup of shirt, pants and shoes, one can wear accessories that are both practical and stylish. Protect yourself from the sun and glare with stylish headwear and sunglasses. A lot of sports eyewear offer UV-coated glasses that offer maximum protection for one’s eyes. Hats, visors and caps that complement one’s outfit is also practically stylish.

Golf gloves can be a fashion statement too and even enhance a player’s performance. The best material is soft leather for its durability and breath ability. You don’t want a glove that’s too heavy or thick that it will be hot and uncomfortable in the long run. Studded gloves on the palm side are not only decorative but this offers the best traction and grip for golf clubs, allowing for power-driven shots.

Now you have all the guidelines in golf apparel you need to look your best while playing. Express you individual style and stand out when you step into the green. Check out your favorite stores and high end brands for quality golf apparel.

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Military Custom Coins and the Undying Tradition

Custom coins, or challenge coins in the military, do not exist just because of shallow reasons – they are more than mere coins seen during drinking sessions. You might have heard that military men of the same unit usually play a coin check game whenever possible. The loser without a coin to present must buy a drink for every member of his unit in that room. However, if everyone has presented his coin then the one who posed the challenge should be the one to buy the drinks.

Each unit has their own unique coin design. The coin reminds the members (of a particular unit) that they need to work as a team to achieve their common goal. The coin can help strengthen the bond that they share with each other.

Popularity of Military Coins

Among the custom coins, the military coins are probably the most popular. People are interested to know the meaning behind the design of each coin. There are coins that are especially minted to commemorate an important event or give honor to the unsung heroes who risked their lives for the good of many.

Some modern military coins feature a more complex design. They attract onlookers even more. As the technology advances, it becomes easier to layout a more complex design for the coin. It also becomes easier to mint the coins using different metals.

Before, the usual metal that coin manufacturers used in making the coins could be considered a mediocre quality. Such metal is something that manufacturers of military coins in the modern time won’t even think of using anymore. In the past, the words that were inscribed on the coin were not usually visible or seemed encrypted.

The challenge coins today are considered 3D coins that bear similar quality to currency coins. Most of them have gorgeous designs and stunning colors.

custom coinsThere are special coins that are specially minted for deserving men and women in the military who showed exceptional courage and valor in accomplishing their specific role. There are coins that are given to soldiers who went beyond the call of duty in addressing or resolving a certain issue. There are custom coins that are minted to show gratitude, appreciation, and recognition to commendable individuals who tried to make a difference while performing their duties.

The Military Men and their Coin Collections

Most military men have their own collection of challenge coins. There are men who exchange their coins with those of other officers to make their collection grow.

There are some who keeps the “special” coins in a box or case to protect it more. These coins are considered rare in the eyes of the collector, and there are also coins that are given added protection due to the sentiments and memory that come with them.

The different military coins are minted with pride, and it is one of the reasons that military men try their best in acquiring different coins. Each coin symbolizes an unforgettable event in the life of a military man or woman – no matter how that individual acquired it.

Every military coin has a story, and they were not minted just because the higher ups have decided to mint one. Every coin serves a specific purpose.

Not just for the Military

In the early days, there were only military coins until other groups discovered the potential of challenge coins in attracting attention and raising awareness. There are individuals who even minted challenge coins as wedding favors or remembrance to commemorate an important event.

The challenge coins evolved through time. Don’t be so surprised when you find them fulfilling a different purpose later. For now, the existence of custom coins is recognized by all people even though some individuals don’t have any idea about their name.

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Collecting Military Patches

Military patches are some of the most common types of military memorabilia that hobbyists collect. Not only do they come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, but they also often come with affordable price tags. Their compact size also allows collectors to easily display and transfer them to any location. Aside from frames and display boxes, binders or clear file drawers can also be used to store these patches.

However, despite the ease and convenience that this type of collection allows, it is still best if you set clear goals and objectives before starting your endeavour. After all, military patches can come not only in various shapes and sizes, but they can also come in different categories. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus only on one specific branch, time period, or country and work on completing that collection before moving to another category. This method will ensure that your collection will remain organized and streamlined.

iron on patchesAnother way to go about building your collection is to focus only on the military patches that possess a story that particularly resonates with you. This will help you narrow down your options when choosing between which patches should be included in your collection. Likewise, these patches that are associated with significant historical figures or events are usually more highly valued than the others. As a result, each piece will serve as an investment that will only serve to increase the overall value of the entire collection.

However, when it comes to such patches, it is vital that you diligently research on its history and guarantee its authenticity. It is also recommended that you find evidences, such as documents or photographs, which validate the authenticity of the item. Naturally, you should only order your patches from credible sources or stores if you choose to make your purchase online.

Aside from researching on the patches themselves, make sure to research on your supplier as well. Take note of the guidelines and quality control systemsthey have regarding their items. In addition, you should make sure that they have good customer support as well as a refund option in place in case their items do not meet your expectations.

After carefully scrutinizing your patches and determining their value, the next step you should take is to find a suitable storage device. Aside from serving as a container for display, these storage devices will also protect your investment pieces from deterioration. Obviously, properly preserved pieces will have a higher resale value in the future compared to a damaged patch.

Additionally, it is vital that you record all of the relevant information that is associated with each piece in order to help you better organize your collection. A comprehensive catalogue that details the quality, date of purchase, and name of supplier will also make your collection more credible for future buyers.

In the end, although military patches might be a relatively affordable war memorabilia, many of the rarer patches will still come with a stiff price tag. These patches are often highly prized due to the prestigious historical significance that they possess. Therefore, only the most serious collectors opt to invest in these pricey items.

Fortunately, if you want a more affordable and convenient alternative for these patches then you have the option to commission a replica from an online military patch supplier instead. However, since this replica will not hold the historical significance of the original, this choice is most recommended for those who want to make use of the patches as an accessory or display piece rather than as an actual part of a collection.

Dealing With A Death: Questions To Ask When Looking For a Funeral Home

When a loved one dies, it is up to those left behind to make the arrangements. Unless the deceased made arrangements prior, planning a funeral can be tough for any grieving individual. Death, after all, is not an easy subject to broach.

One of the major choices to be made is which of the many funeral homes in the state to contact and hire for the service. More than being an institution to embalm, display, and bury the dead, a mortuary must also be able to provide the service that you and your deceased deserve. Providing the apt funerary rites is, after all, the last service you can give to your loved one.

To help you make this decision, here are some questions that you need to answer:

1. How much are you willing to pay for the service?

Whether you like it or not, death also has its price. Some people are willing to go the full mile and splurge on their loved one’s funeral. This is, after all, the last form of love you can render them. But what about those people who can’t afford sealed caskets, bodacious floral arrangements, and catering services?

Funeral homes will usually have packages ready for what you need. Give these a browse, and see what you can get for your budget. But if you think they’re still expensive, some homes could arrange services that are customized for your budget.

When it comes to finances, you will also have to determine how long you will be holding the wake. A three-day viewing is obviously cheaper than a five-day one. But if you have relatives living out of state, or if the deceased has friends from abroad, you will have to work this into the funeral budget.

2. What are your loved one’s wishes?

This is why it is important to discuss the inevitability of death. When it strikes suddenly, as is the case with vehicular accidents and heart attacks, relatives are often left hanging as to what funeral arrangements are to be made. Along with their grief, they will have to figure this out also.

Wishes like where he/she wanted to be buried or if he/she wanted to be cremated instead are important topics to talk about. For example, if the deceased wanted to be buried out of state, contacting funeral homes near that area would be most ideal to minimize cost, as compared to holding the wake where you live and moving the casket to another state later on.

Funeral HomesSome mortuaries today also offer a variety of services, such as personalized viewings. For example, a deceased golfer could have his/her equipment displayed during the wake. If a specific theme is communicated by your loved one to you before they passed, it is imperative that you work this out as well with the funeral home of your choice.

3. Can they accommodate your religious/cultural traditions?

Christian services are available in most, if not all, funeral homes, but for people of other faiths, it might not be as easy. This is why it is important to incorporate this, as well, into your arrangements. Look for a mortuary that is willing to accommodate your culture/religion’s practices.

Honoring your family member’s wishes, genealogy, and beliefs is, after all, one of the best ways to give them the respect and love that they deserve, even in death.

4.  How can they help your family deal with the tragedy?

Having a death in the family is burdensome and tragic. Arranging the funeral service adds to the stress.

To alleviate this problem, look for a funeral home that can assist you from start to finish – from the procurement of the death certificate, through the viewing and burial, and down to the claiming of insurance and other benefits.

Funeral homes, after all, are still service-oriented institutions whose main goal should be to help families deal with their grief effectively.

Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

From time to time, webmasters make some SEO mistakes unconsciously. The site’s ranking on search engines depends on how well you perform in optimizing your website and its content. Google and other search engines arrange their search results according to their quality and relevance. Providing high quality and relevant articles may not be enough to be on top of the search results. You must also avoid committing the most common SEO mistakes to drive more traffic to your site.

Common SEO mistakes

1.   The page name has no keywords.

no keywordsA search engine wants to see the specific keyword in your page name. You can easily rank in search results if your page name has a certain keyword.

Most webmasters would create a page name containing numbers like: www.bommiya.com/?172636339

If your page name is similar to this, the search engine will not easily recognize the topic of your article on that site.

Here’s a better page name: www.bommiya.com/sbs-seo-techniques

You can check the “permalink” section in your WordPress program. If your site is not yet launched, then you could change the page name into a better one. If the site already exists, you may contact your web developer.

2.   You do not have at least one WordPress SEO plugin.

It is necessary to put some WordPress SEO plugins in your website. This can aid you in optimizing the site’s content. You have a lot of options for this. You can utilize WordPress SEO, All-in-One SEO, Scribe, Inbound Writer or any SEO plugin. In each application, you will be asked to encode your “focus keyword”. This keyword pertains to the word that summarizes the content of your site. The application for SEO plugins will tell you if your site is properly optimized. If your site is not well-optimized, it will tell you the specific areas you must resolve.

3.   You don’t have an XML sitemap.

XML sitemapThe XML sitemap is a list of all pages on your website. Although Google and other search engines can scan the pages of your site, they may miss some pages. For instance, they cannot determine a page that is not properly linked to other pages of the website. In this case, even if the page’s content is relevant, it may not appear in search results.

When you use an XML sitemap, it will list down all pages of the website and submit to Google.

4.   You overdo keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is a way of optimizing your site’s content by using the same keywords for many times. Although keywords are essential to SEO, keyword stuffing may affect your rankings and you may get corresponding penalties. Before, keyword stuffing is accepted by most search engines. However, search engines realized that keyword stuffing can lead to poor-quality articles. If you keep on repeating keywords, your site may be blacklisted. This means your site will no longer appear in search results.

5.   You forgot to cross links.

Cross linking is a way to interconnect pages that have related topics. Search engines prioritize sites with more linked pages because internet users will likely get more information from these sites.

6.   You used similar titles for different pages.

Having a unique title tag can help boost your site’s rankings. Search engines require a unique title tag. If you have multiple pages with similar title tags, they are less likely to appear on top of the search results. Title tags will determine the specific topic you are discussing on your page. However, do not be confused between the main article headline and the title tag. The title tag is the general topic and the main article headline pertains to a more specific title.

These are some of the common mistakes made by webmasters. If you have made the same mistakes provided in this article, make sure that you will not commit them again. This will ensure that your site can improve its rankings on search engine results.